Comprehensive Understanding of Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch

When Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase watch made its debut on Basel exhibition this year, someone said the watch fans who expected to see lunar phase again on Rolex products finally got it. the last time Rolex presented a lunar phase product was 1950s. it was said that, the new Cellini lunar phase inherited the 6062 and 8171 in the brand history, the latter two were products in that age. Speak to the new product, someone is full of praises, while someone said it had long ago violated the original intention of Cellini.

Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch
Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch

Many die-hard fans of Rolex never relate Rolex to lunar phase. In fact, as early as 1950s, Rolex had introduced Ref.6062 and 8171 “Padellone”, which was a perpetual calendar lunar phase wristwatch.

Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch
Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch

Rolex antique model 6062 (left) and 8171

Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch
Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch

This time, Rolex lunar phase returns in the form of the refined and elegant formal Cellini, its lunar phase display is very novel, which opens the whole watch face and aligns the face scale to crescent or full moon. The lunar phase face denotes 29.5 days by turning a circle, which is different from the display pattern of lunar phase of many brand watches (usually, the cycle of lunar phase is 2 months in waxing and waning of the moon, that is, 59 days). The blue lunar phase round face is made of enamel, Rolex rarely uses this technology, for which the reason is uncertain.

The crescent ring and stars on the Blue enamel face is colored in silver, while the full moon is presented by rhodanized aerolite face, with pretty Weidmann markings and bright white luster, which are all unparalleled

The same as 6062, the adjustment button of lunar function is located at eight O’clock to the watchcase, the lunar phase only goes amiss by 1 day every 122 years. This model of lunar phase requires a complex adjustment, what they call, the more complex it is, the better for the people who loves and understands watch.

Rolex Cellini lunar phase watch uses the large central pointer to denote time, the terminal end is shaped in crescent moon.

What is Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch ?

Stuck in “manual, not waterproof, gentle, leather belt”, what is the most rebellious is the rectangular Cellini prince, the year of 2014 is a watershed when the antique oyster type is presented by a modern style, especially the unforgettable bulging rear cover.

Over decades, the concept of Cellini changed a lot: the post-1970 double-pointer manual artistic form and precious metal model are incorporated into the Cellini series. After 2000, the triple-pointer manual model emerged. None of them has lock bottom and lock handle, all daily waterproof. However, the current Cellini has already been changed to oyster type waterproof structure, and it has a automatic clock movement. So, Cellini is defined by Rolex. Today, the sole feature of Cellini is the precious metal watchcase, only that it doesn’t have a steel version, which is the biggest difference between it and other series.

What is the Greatest Breakthrough of New Type Rolex Cellini?

The return of lunar phase function, the watch face suddenly becomes plentiful and interesting, and it is turned into automatic and oyster type (oyster type is not indicated on the face though)

What Kind of Function Can be Regarded as Complex in the Realm of Rolex?

In the realm of Rolex, the distinction between complexity and non-complexity is obscure, only that all of them are pragmatic. But in my opinion, making a thing based on the previous efforts is totally different from making something on one’s own.


Just like the minute repeater and perpetual-calendar watch, which are all designed by predecessors, they are very mature, referring to the previous designers is nothing but imitating one more time. But the adjustment system like the one of Rolex skywalker is very complex, such a thing is made with much more complex efforts than the minute repeater and perpetual-calendar watch, but the idea is brand new, and the manufacturing must stand the trial, which is very difficult.

What do You Think of the Fact that, the Display of New Type Cellini Lunar Phase is Mainly Read by “Guessing” ?

It is no big deal that lunar phase is read by guessing. Lunar phase is not practicable to at least 99% of users, just wanna appreciate how beautiful “moon on the willow brush, a date after dusk” is. Nothing more.

Is Cellini Lunar Phase the Most Striking to You Among the New Products of Rolex this Year? If Not, Which Model is the Best in your Opinion?

I have no idea about if it is the most beautiful, and I think my opinion bears no practical meaning. Personally speaking, except for the antique model, the most beautiful model is actually the design featured by long ear, filed trace and punched fine pointer in 1980s, that was a time with the most balanced proportion and finest appearance. Of course, the configuration is slightly lower. This year, the jewel yacht impresses me the most, it is pretty enough, and will attract many people to the desire of looking at my watch.

Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch
Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch

What is the Most Wonderful Aspect of This Watch?

Enamel face coupled with aerolite moon lunar phase plate. The most wonderful thing is the use of aerolite.

Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch
Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch

What is the Shortcoming of This Watch or in Other Words, What Aspect of It do you Think Needs to be Improved the Most ?

This watch is good enough for me, but if an improvement must be made, I believe the date display should be changed to the traditional convex mirror style, which may be more appealing to people.

Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Type

Watchcase size: 39mm in diameter

Watchcase texture: everlasting rose gold

Movement: 3195 type automatic winding movement

Function: central hour, minute and second pointer; lunar phase plate set at 6 O’clock position; the central hour pointer denotes the date.

Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch
Rolex Cellini Lunar Phase Watch

The last time I used the search engine to search REPLICA ROLEX, a shop with website address: was found, I found that they also had the same model of watch, and their prices are only 1/10 of the official prices. I really liked it, so I bought one from the shop. I found that its craftsmanship is good, and they provide a guarantee repair, so I can be reassured to wear it and go out.

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